Successful Strategic Activism 105: Evaluating Your Campaign

Like other projects or investments that your organization makes, you should evaluate the value of your strategic activism campaign.

As we discuss in a previous post, you'll want to use multiple types of criteria for evaluation. These should include traditional business metrics as well ones that attempt to get at employee satisfaction and positive impacts on the people and ecosystems targeted by your issue.

Also, now is a good time to remind you that your campaign plan should clearly articulate your criteria and you should make sure to collect data to support evaluation during implementation.

Evaluation Do’s & Don’ts

1. What you do after a campaign is finished matters.

  • Do engage in a post-campaign debriefing with internal and external partners

  • Don’t miss an opportunity to celebrate success and debrief on what worked and what didn’t

Best Practice Example

A cleaning products company convened two debriefings to share findings from their campaign evaluation, one with members of their coalition and one limited to internal team members. The organization also planned and hosted a public celebration party and hyped their victory through their social media channels.

2. Be critical but kind.

  • Do use your measures of success to identify specific strengths and opportunity for improvement on future campaigns
  • Don’t expect that you’ll meet all of your goals for your measures of success on your first campaign

Best Practice Example

An organic winery used several social media metrics to evaluate public perceptions of their campaign. Although the company didn't reach as many people as they wanted, and engagement wasn't as high as desired, staff working on the campaign gained valuable insight about how to more effectively target their messaging.

3. Share your results.

  • Do report to your leadership on the projected value or estimated return on investment of the campaign for the organization
  • Don’t assume that everyone in your organization believes that advocacy campaigns are a good investment of time and resources, demonstrate their value whenever possible

Best Practice Example

An organic foods company used post-campaign surveying to help evaluate customer satisfaction and brand perception and included results in a final report to leadership. They shared key findings from increased social media engagement and email click throughs with senior leadership team.

Let's go beyond taking a stand and bring real purpose through strategic activism.

Good evaluation will help identify strengths and opportunities for improvement, as well as justification for future investment in strategic activism. Colin Price Consulting has experience understanding how to effectively and objectively evaluating strategic activism campaigns. We can help your organization manage a campaign from start to end.