Collaboration. Hard work. Expert strategy. 

We help good people do good things in our world.

Colin has over 20 years of experience working with businesses, universities, governments, and nonprofits to make things better for people and the places where we live, work, and recreate. 

We work on the leading edge of sustainability, social impact, and ethical business. Colin provides consulting services based on a diverse suite of expertise in the areas of public policy, grassroots advocacy, safer chemicals and products, carbon management, CSR reporting, green marketing claims, and sustainable event planning.

Colin is certified by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board in the Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting (FSA) and holds a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning as well as a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences.

Colin Price Consulting LLC is a carbon neutral business.

What clients say about Colin Price Consulting:

Colin is a valuable asset to any organization interested in planning and executing a successful policy advocacy campaign. We worked together on a successful campaign in California to help strengthen consumer’s right to know what ingredients are used in cleaning products.

Colin played a critical role in helping Seventh Generation engage constituents and customers in ways that strengthened our brand and influenced key legislators. He is collaborative, reliable, and a strong communicator. I hope we have the opportunity to collaborate again in the future. I highly recommend his services.
— Ashley Orgain, Director Mission Advocacy and Outreach, Seventh Generation

You’ll be hard pressed to find a colleague with as much talent, intelligence and persistence as Colin Price. He has the rare blend of teamwork and leadership, combined with the ability to think about “what’s next”. Having worked with Colin for over four years, he continues to be diplomatic, honest and hard working.

His professional “wins” at the state and national level are beyond impressive, placing him as a well-recognized leader in the public and private sectors of sustainability and social impact.

In today’s marketplace it’s hard to find leaders that combine big picture vision with the ability to roll up your sleeves and get the work done. Colin has both of these talents and continually shows his colleagues what it means to be thoughtful, proactive and strategic. Finally, Colin is a joy to work with, bringing a friendly and warm attitude to his daily work.
— Lindsay Dahl, VP Social & Environmental Responsibility, Beautycounter

I have worked with Colin in a variety of capacities for nearly decade and I am continually impressed by his ability to develop innovative approaches to complex problems, bring diverse groups of stakeholders together to achieve a common goal, and his steadfastness in the face of substantial obstacles.

I first worked with Colin at Oregon Environmental Council where he led a diverse group of stakeholders in the development of Oregon’s Green Chemistry Executive Order. Not only did this project require the skills mentioned above, it also provided Colin the expertise to become one of the leading Green Chemistry and Sustainable policy experts in not only Oregon, but the U.S.

Colin is equally adept at collaborating with community groups, Fortune 500 businesses, local small business owners, academics, and government agencies. I am fortunate that I continued to have the opportunities to work with Colin throughout the past few years.
— Renee Hackenmiller-Paradis, Senior Chemist, Nike, Inc.

Smart, driven, and reliable. An incredible colleague. That’s Colin in a nutshell. We have worked together for 8+ years and in that time he’s become a nationally recognized leader in a sustainable procurement and chemicals policy. I would recommend Colin Price Consulting to any organization looking for a seasoned, savvy partner who will work hard to add value to their mission.
— Andrea Durbin, Executive Director, Oregon Environmental Council

I consider Colin Price to be an invaluable colleague. His expertise and passion in the area of environmental sustainability is unparalleled. We have collaborated on various professional development and college level courses and he delivers a message that is both compelling and understandable.
— Darin Matthews, Program Chair, Supply Chain Management at UC Santa Cruz


Impact Entrepreneurship and Benefit-Driven Startups

In addition to working with clients as a consultant on a wide variety of sustainability and impact-focused projects, Colin has also founded two sustainability and benefit driven startups.


Future Friendly Events helps you create more sustainable, ethical, and socially responsible events


Invested Values is an alliance of everyday investors advocating for more sustainable companies, investment funds, and public policies to help make retirement a reality for everyone